/reɪk / (say rayk)

1. a long-handled tool with teeth or tines for gathering together hay or the like, breaking and smoothing the surface of ground, etc.
2. a similar implement used in agriculture, especially one drawn by a tractor.
3. any of various implements having a similar form or function, as a croupier's implement for gathering in money on a gaming table.
4. a long, forcible sweep or onset.
5. Colloquial a comb.
6. Rugby Football a hooker.
verb (raked, raking)
verb (t)
7. to gather together, draw, or remove with a rake: to rake dead leaves from a lawn.
8. to clear, smooth, or prepare with a rake: to rake a garden bed.
9. to clear (a fire, etc.) by stirring with a poker or the like.
10. to search thoroughly through.
11. to scrape; scratch; graze.
12. to traverse with gunfire, the length of (a place, ship, body of troops, etc.).
13. to sweep with the eyes.
verb (i)
14. to use a rake.
15. to search as with a rake.
16. to scrape or graze (against, over, along, etc.).
17. rake in, to gather or collect abundantly: to rake in the money.
18. rake up,
a. to collect, especially with difficulty.
b. to reveal, as to discredit someone: to rake up an old scandal.
{Middle English; Old English raca}
/reɪk / (say rayk)

a profligate or dissolute man, especially one in fashionable society; a roué.
{shortened form of rakehell}
/reɪk / (say rayk)

noun Railways
a set of carriages.
{Old French racu strip or stretch}
/reɪk / (say rayk)

verb (i) (raked, raking)
1. to incline from the vertical (as a mast, funnel, stem, or keel of a vessel) or from the horizontal (as a stage).
2. inclination or slope away from the perpendicular or the horizontal, as of a ship's mast, funnel, stem, or keel.
3. Aeronautics the angle measured between the tip edge of an aerofoil and the plane of symmetry.
4. Machinery the angle between the cutting face of a tool and a plane perpendicular to the surface of the work at the cutting point.
5. Theatre the slope of a stage down to the footlights.
{origin uncertain}
/reɪk / (say rayk)

verb (i) (raked, raking)
1. (of a hawk) to fly along after the game, or to fly wide of it.
2. (of a dog) to hunt with the nose close to the ground.
{Middle English, Old English racian go, proceed, hasten}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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